About site

160pack is Professional advertising company who are selling advertisements with revenue sharing service.We offer you an opportunities to earn with us. 160pack provide high demand of advertising and high rewards opportunities and also we are help you to find a way to earn long-term business.

Yes. 160pack.com is free to join. Also free members can earn commissions. But first they need to purchase ad services to be able to withdraw their commissions.

THE OUT SOURCE INCOME , we have a team of proffesional trader , we can earn a profit between 30%~80% per month with a minimum of risk. we share every 7 days a PDF result of our OUT SOURCE INCOME

0.1 $ daily earning guarantee for all members in the ptc ads area

We are offering 15% affiliate program (10% level 1 and 5 % level 2) that benefical for sponsors. You can get easily 15% purchase commission which your referrals made per AddFund with 20% repurchase rules.

Potentiel earning

Yes. you must purchase minimum one ad packs to earn.

No, you don't need to view ads to earn, but you must visit 80 ads before every cashout.

Revenues are shared every 12 hours. This means you will receive share in revenues today from purchases made the last 12 hours. We do this for security purposes, and to protect our members from fraudulent funds needing to be removed from their account earnings.

Yes. 20% of revenue share earn from Ad pack will go into repurchase balance and can be accumulate to repurchase more Ad pack or buy advertising services for long time sustainability of website.

We are selling bots, so their average is always the same and they never stop earning,so it is just depends on you how long you want to keep him until you exchange your Point to your cashout. Active point is required to cashout, without active points you are not able to request cashouts. . Each active point cost 0.60$ . Active points click every day and they will make you 0.01$ per click per day. you will lose 1 Point for each dollar that you withdraw.

About cashout

Refund option is available for all purchased items(Excluding Subscription/Membership Fees) as long as the user does not use the service He/She purchased(Advertising credits, Surf free units), Total withdrawal amount is less than Total deposit amount.

We accept Advcash,Neteller,Payza,PerfectMoney,Bitcoin,Payeer.

Strictly can only request for the processor you use for deposit, if there 2 or more processor have use for deposit then the highest deposit processor will be eligible to receive the payout. We do payout daily less then 1-24 hours upon request. On some rare cases it make take up to 48 hours

Yes. you must purchase minimum 10 active point to request 10 $ cashout.

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